Write an equation of a line in standard form with integer coefficients

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Algebra Examples

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Differential Equations

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Write an equation in standard form with integer coeffcients for the line with slope 4/5 going?

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How do I write this equation in standard form with integer coefficients?

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For #, write the equation of the line described in both slope-intercept form and standard form with integer coefficients.

Show all work/steps to justify your answers. 1. The slope of the line is 2/3 and the y-intercept is (0, 2). Write the equation of this line in slope-intercept form.

Show all work and. write the equation in standard form with integer coefficients 1/3x+4y+6=2/5. Please explain step-by-step of how to solve this problem. Thank You. algebra problems; standard form of an equation; standard form of an equation; 1 answer. Write each expression in standard polynomial form.

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Often linear equations are written in standard form with integer coefficients the calculator will have values for certain portions. Another way to write the equation is in point-slope form where the centroid is the point that is always on the line.

The Find the Linear Regression line through (3,1), (5,6), (7,8) by brute. The equation is. The standard form of line equation is. Add to each side. Apply additive inverse property. Multiply each side by.

Gamma Function

Apply distributive property. Therefore, the standard form of line equation is. Feb 11,  · BEST ANSWER Write an equation in standard form with integer coeffcients for the line with slope 4/5 going through the point (-2,-2) The equation of the line is ___x-___y=____Status: Resolved.

Write an equation of a line in standard form with integer coefficients
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