Tips on writing a science fiction book

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Writing Fiction – What you Need to Know to Write a Novel!

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Ten rules for writing fiction (part two)

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This guest post is by Philip is the former senior managing editor for TSR/Wizards of the Coast, and the best-selling author of Annihilation and a dozen other books including The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction and Writing Monsters.

He blogs at Fantasy Author’s Handbook and you can follow him on Twitter @PhilAthans. There are countless rules for writing success, but the most famous ones, at least in the science-fiction field, are the five coined by the late, great Robert A.

Heinlein. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing!

Have you always harbored a secret (or not so secret) yearning to write? This course is designed to help you learn many of the skills you need to write successful science fiction and fantasy stories.

How to Write a Science Fiction Novel Series: 6 Tips

There are countless rules for writing success, but the most famous ones, at least in the science-fiction field, are the five coined by the late, great Robert A.

Heinlein. This textbook develops an week program designed to guide prospective students through creating their own speculative fiction story, that is, a science fiction, fantasy, or horror story.

Want to write a science fiction novel? My day (night, weekend) job is teaching composition at a university to students who are mostly engineers and bio sci majors, business students, and the occasional computer scientist.

Tips on writing a science fiction book
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Science Fiction Writing Tips: How to Make a Vampire Not Suck |