Show me a hero and ill write a tragedy book

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Deciding to Self Publish

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It’s my pleasure today to feature a picture book self publishing case study for a change of pace. Full disclosure: Shelby Wilde is an editorial client of mine from earlier this year.

We worked on this picture book manuscript together and discussed her career next steps. She decided to self-publish her project, and did, in Continue reading "Self Publishing Case Study: SCAVENGER SCOUT.

Mar 10,  · UPDATE: Cosmos writer Steven Soter responds to my critique here. The first episode of the ambitious reboot of Cosmos, which debuted last night, closely follows the template of the first episode of.

May 17,  · How to Write a Credible Fantasy Story.

Musical theatre

Do you want to write a fantasy novel, but want to make it credible, original, and distinct? It can be tricky to write fantasy, as you're starting in a world of your own. However, with some careful.

I’ve been really getting into virtual conferences lately, like WriteOnCon. They’re a great (and economical) way of hearing some wonderful presentations without, you know, putting on pants and leaving the house.

The best of both worlds! With that in mind, there are two upcoming ways to hear me speak in September! One is run by Continue reading. The prologue of Romeo and Juliet calls the title characters “star-crossed lovers”—and the stars do seem to conspire against these young lovers.

Romeo is a Montague, and Juliet a Capulet. Their families are enmeshed in a feud, but the moment they meet—when Romeo and his friends attend a party at Juliet’s house in disguise—the two fall in love and quickly decide that they want to be.

Get well wishes go out to Michael Nesmith, who underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery after falling ill before a concert June 21 in Philadelphia.

Show me a hero and ill write a tragedy book
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