How to write an investigative report journalism lesson

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Science Fair - Writing the Research Report

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How to Write an Investigation Report that's Clear and Credible

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How to Write an Investigation Report that's Clear and Credible

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Students will learn about components that make up a good video report and how to provide feedback effectively. More» Lesson Journalism Ethics.

PDF Lesson Plans & Worksheet. Students will explore, engage and develop a thorough understanding of the theories and ethics related to journalism. A lesson plan for an 80 minute lesson on report writing, particularly on writing the introduction of a report.

This lesson plan includes the worksheet and suggested answers, as well as a summary of the presentation slides.

Investigative journalism

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How to Write an Investigation Report that's Clear and Credible Tips to ensure investigator credibility with a factual report Posted by Dawn Lomer in on October 22nd, May 04,  · Journalism Professor Mark Grabowski explains how to write good leads for your stories.

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This minute lesson covers summary leads, delayed identification leads and creative leads.

How to write an investigative report journalism lesson
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