How to write a playwright

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How To Write A Hit Comedy Script: Advice from Playwright Jessica Bylander

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List of playwrights

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Playwriting Introduction This playwriting tutorial was written by playwright and screenwriter Jonathan Dorf, whose plays have been produced in every US state and on every continent but Antarctica. So get to work! Here are a few pointers for early-career playwrights to keep in mind.

See a lot of plays.


Theatergoing is a crucial element in any playwright’s work. How To Write A Hit Comedy Script: Advice from Playwright Jessica Bylander by Jessica Bylander Christine’s Note: This is a guest post by Jessica Bylander, a writer, editor, and playwright.

List of playwrights. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of notable Jane Martin, pseudonym of unknown playwright (United States) Steve Martin (bornUnited States) W.

This Playwright Explains How to Write Great Dialogue

Somerset Maugham (–, England) Vladimir Mayakovsky (–, Russia/Soviet Union). This guest post is by Maggie Sulc. Maggie is a playwright, dramaturg (I had to look that one up), and screenwriter from Texas, Tennessee, and, most recently, Toronto.

You can follow her on her blog, Gladlybeyondaustinausten, and on Twitter (@austinausten).

How to write a playwright
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