How to write a chess game in c++

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C# / C++ CLI Micro Chess (Huo Chess)

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Chess Console Game in C++

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Developing a Chess Engine

Driven by the above, I started developing a program in CLI C++ v (with Visual Studio Express Edition, while now the latest edition is developed in Visual Studio /) to play chess with the intention of making a small in size (Micro)chess, even smaller than the Commodore-era Microchess.

One piece at a time. Define a polymorphic chessPiece object which contains the chess piece's location anh which has a virtual draw() and a move() method. Simple console chess game huh ok so i take it you are not interested in graphically showing the positions of each piece.

You should probably have a 2d array. How to Develop a Chess Program for Dummies 2. We will write our chess in C# so we must select Visual C# -> Windows -> Console Application (later we will show how we can also program the same game in C++ or other languages).

A console application is an application with no graphics. We will start developing our chess game Artificial.

Simple console chess game huh ok so i take it you are not interested in graphically showing the positions of each piece. You should probably have a 2d array the size of (8x8) to represent the chess board.

I'm trying to write a chess game and find that I cannot find solutions to find a stalemate situation. I'm trying to google, but can't find anything.

How to write a chess game in c++
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