How do you write a mobile number with uk country code

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National conventions for writing telephone numbers

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Convert a mobile number into international format

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To write an Egyptian telephone number (mobile or landline) in international format, begin with the country code for Egypt, +20 (including the plus sign). If you are unsure of the correct Country code, a good reference is this Wikipedia page that lists countries and their calling codes.

If you need additional help determining the correct E formatting for a phone number, a great tool is the free online Twilio Lookup tool. Country properties and luxury homes in the UK from Fine & Country. We specialise in a range of exclusive property ranging from rural estates to luxurious houses.

If you add your mobile number to your Twitter account, you can tweet by sending a text message to a short or long code. Sending a text message to any of these short or long code phone numbers will post your message as a Tweet to your Twitter profile (and it will be sent to all of your followers).

HMRC Contact Number ( for general enquiry is Know HM Revenue & Customs contact number for Self Assessment, CIS, Income Tax, VAT, National insurance, PAYE, Tax Credits, Child Benefits, Tax Rebate, Corporation Tax, Employment History etc.

Find HMRC telephone numbers & Helpline for Employers, Employees & Self-employed. How to write a phone number. international prefix + country code + area code + phone number. For example, To dial a number in the same country as you're dialling, you use the national prefix + area code + phone number.

For example in the UK the national prefix is 0 so the number above would

Mobile Banking How do you write a mobile number with uk country code
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How To Write Telephone Numbers