How do i write a letter to donald trump

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Donald Trump

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Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your message gets to the White House as quickly as possible. You can contact Donald Trump through Twitter or through the White House website at You can also send a letter to the White House at Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DCor by sending a letter to the Trump Organization at Fifth Avenue, New York, New York The next morning, about 12 hours later, Trump Jr.

responded to WikiLeaks.

Contact Donald Trump

“Off the record I don’t know who that is, but I’ll ask around,” he wrote on September 21, In a last-ditch effort to stop Donald Trump’s likely nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate for president, more than 50 conservative foreign policy experts have signed an open letter.

How to Contact, Write letter or Send email to Donald Trump? Most smart and motivated people want to contact Donald Trump to propose a business, seek business help and other things.


Donald Trump: Opposes Nationwide Marriage Equality

Donald Trump's address: Fifth Avenue New York, New York Mr. Donald Trump's number: or fax Hope this helps!! Good luck!.

How do i write a letter to donald trump
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